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Liturgy: Dead or Living?

*A Radical Repost from 2009 In response to our last post on Jewish prayer , Kari, a reader, observed that a large part of our movement carries tremendous baggage on the subject, and many people seem to recoil at the … Continue reading

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Conversion in Early Judaism

There is a common misconception, particularly within the Messianic Jewish blogosphere, that conversion to Judaism is a post-biblical, and rather late “rabbinic invention.” However, very few people have really taken the time to trace the development of conversion (גיור‎, giyur), and particularly its … Continue reading

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Does Judaism have a future?

The Jewish community today finds itself in a dire state. With only 10% of the Jewish Community attending any sort of services on a regular basis, many scholars are asking if Judaism (at least in its American context) has failed, … Continue reading

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