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The Shechinah in Exile

A Classic Repost in honor of Tisha B’Av: The concept of a compassionate and personal G-d is not foreign to Rabbinic thought. One particularly interesting example is the concept of “the Shechinah in Exile.” According to the Tanya[1] (quoting the … Continue reading

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Finding a Talmudic Theory of Jewish Practice

Alex Braver, over at the Sh’ma Blog, has written an excellent article on the opening Mishna in the Talmudic tractate, Brachot, titled: “From When Do We Recite Sh’ma in the Evening?: Finding a Talmudic Theory of Jewish Practice.” The title … Continue reading

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Israel at 63

Today we celebrate the miracle that is Israel. After nearly 2,000 years in exile, Israel as a nation was re-birthed in 1948. Sixty-three years later we recall not only the miracle of her existence but the cost of her resurrection. Yom HaZikaron … Continue reading

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A Global Day of Jewish Learning

Today Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz completed his monumental translation of the Talmud into Modern Hebrew – a feat begun 45 years ago. Nearly 400 communities around the world joined together today for a global day of Jewish Learning to mark this … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Today’s Quote of the Day is a perfect follow-up to yesterday’s post, The Promise and the Talmud: “The Gemara is a never ending source of discovery, loaded wth legal discussions (often enough to make one’s head spin), stories, lore, prophecy, … Continue reading

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The Promise and the Talmud

A couple weeks ago I blogged about having just finished reading The Chosen, by Chaim Potok. I so thoroughly enjoyed reading the book that I could not wait to begin the sequel, The Promise. Well last weekend I finished reading … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Talmud is not what you think it is. I say that because Talmud is not what I thought it was. I had done a fair amount of reading in Talmud and about Talmud before taking a class, which I am … Continue reading

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A Talmudic Highlight

Scroll of tractate Hullin, Babylonian Talmud (CUL T–S MISC. 26.53.17), acknowledgment to Dr. S.C. Reif, Director of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at the Cambridge University Library, and the Syndics of the Library. Did you know the Talmud was once … Continue reading

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