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Looking Ahead

In a previous post titled Judaism in Crisis, we discussed the dramatic paradigm shift faced by the Jewish community, triggered both by economic collapse and a shift in leadership from the Baby Boomer generation to “millenials.” We’ve noticed that discussions … Continue reading

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My Jesus Year

Last week I finished reading My Jesus Year, by Benyamin Cohen (Harper Collins, 2008). The book is a hilarious recounting of an Orthodox Rabbi’s son who spends a year wandering the Bible Belt in search of his own faith. I … Continue reading

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Babies, bellies, and getting Jews in the pews

*A Radical Repost (Because the first time around just wasn’t good enough! ) Derek Leman kicked off a discussion “on the human need (or lack thereof) for congregation.” It got me thinking, once again, about the purpose of Jewish community, … Continue reading

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Empowered Judaism

My wife and I are deeply committed to re-imagining congregational life, developing innovative and creative programming, and planting vibrant spiritual communities. As a skilled community builder, I am often sought as a consultant on congregational life and growth and travel … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

We should shift from envisioning a hierarchy of Jewishness to validating different ways for people to be Jewish. All Jews should be pictured on progressive stages of their own personal journeys. -Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman from ReThinking Synagogues: A New … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to be a Great Rabbi

In honor of my husband, who’s a pretty great rabbi, I offer Synablog’s Letterman-style “Top Ten Ways to be a Great Rabbi.” Number 10: Know your stuff. Be a student of Jewish texts, of Jewish history, of Jewish peoplehood. Number … Continue reading

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Debunking Myths

During our recent UMJC-sponsored webinar, we asked the question “why aren’t more Jewish people finding their spiritual home in Messianic Jewish synagogues?” We dissected the common myths that congregational leaders parrot to justify the absence of Jewish people in our … Continue reading

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Creating Spiritual Homes for the New American Jew

Continuing the conversation we started at the UMJC Mid-Year leadership retreat in December, Monique and I recently led a UMJC webinar which is now posted on the UMJC website. (You may need to log-in/create a profile to view the webinar). … Continue reading

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Help for Haiti

The thoughts and prayers of the world are with the people of Haiti at this time following the recent disastrous earthquake. The Torah states: “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor … (Lev. 19:16)” As Jews, we … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Albuquerque

Last week, Monique and I joined a number of other colleagues in Albuquerque, NM for the UMJC‘s mid-year leadership retreat. This year’s retreat was extremely significant. The UMJC focused on discussing the future of Messianic Judaism, and all the invited … Continue reading

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