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Creation and the Hidden Light

Parashat Breishit The Torah relates the story of the six days of creation in order to refute other theories that claim that the universe came into being through some cosmic accident or coincidence. As such, the story of creation speaks … Continue reading

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A Chasidic Parallel to the Incarnation

The idea of a pre-existent Messiah is not completely unknown to Judaism. In fact, I lightly touched on this idea in my previous blog post on Breishit, where I connected this idea to Creation, and further to John, chapter 1. The book of … Continue reading

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Complexity in Early Jewish Messianism

The Messiah is the fullness of the G-d of Israel manifested in a physical form. This concept is readily evident throughout the Biblical text and extra-biblical writings. In Hebrew, the word אחד echad helps to explain this oneness that exists … Continue reading

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Is Messiah Divine?

Scholars Support Jewish Belief in a Divine Messiah There is a popular assumption circulated by Jewish leaders and liberal scholars that Judaism has never believed in a divine Messiah. Some argue that Yeshua never claimed to be the Messiah and … Continue reading

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Borough Park Symposium

Earlier this week I had the honor of attending and presenting a response paper at the second Borough Park Symposium held in Queens, NYC. The Symposium brought together the most diverse group of individuals and organizations from various countries, and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“The name ‘Hashivenu’ has become emblematic in the Messianic Jewish world for the stream of Jewish Yeshua-believers who uphold Torah observance, Jewish tradition, and the importance of integration within the wider Jewish world. As such, those who identify with the … Continue reading

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