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Over the last few weeks three more book reviews have appeared discussing my new book, Jude: On Faith and the Destructive Influence of Heresy (Lederer: Messianic Jewish Publishers, 2014). The three reviews are by First Fruits of Zion, Emet HaTorah and Dr. Richard Harvey.

richardharveyDr. Richard Harvey’s Mapping Messianic Judaism Blog

Well-known and respected Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Richard Harvey wrote a blog post today marking the date on which the Christian Church traditionally remembers Jude the Apostle and incorporated a review of my new book. It should be noted that Harvey was also one of my initial reviewers and wrote an endorsement which appears in the book itself.

According to Harvey:

Like the book of Jude itself, this short commentary punches above its weight. Brumbach introduces the book and its author in an easily accessible way, drawing from the cutting edge of contemporary biblical scholarship. He also, from his own distinctive Messianic Jewish perspective, takes us to the heart of the text and its meaning for Israel and the nations. If you want to understand more of the significance of Yeshua (Jesus) as seen by one of his own brothers then, and by a leading Jewish believer in Yeshua today, I thoroughly recommend his book.

Messiah Journal #117 (Published by First Fruits of Zion)


In the recent Fall 2014 issue of Messiah Journal, published by First Fruits of Zion, Jeremiah Michael wrote a very positive review of the book.

He begins his review by highlighting various parts of the text as he walks his readers through the book. In his conclusion, Michael writes:

The commentary is easy to read, not heavily academic, and it encourages a practical application of the epistle. Brumbach highlights differences of opinion amongst his sources, which gives the reader a firm grasp on the breadth of scholarship on Jude. Brumbach does a great job of drawing out the practical and ethical implications of Jude through easy-to-understand exegetical commentary … This commentary can be used for serious study of the Epistle of Jude as well as for personal devotion … The short Epistle of Jude contains a very powerful message for believers today, and Rabbi Brumbach has done an excellent job of helping us understand it.

image (2) Huckey ReviewEmet HaTorah Fall Newsletter

Darren Huckey, of Emet HaTorah, also wrote a very engaging review. Huckey writes in Emet HaTorah’s 2014 Fall Newsletter, “In his commentary on Jude, Rabbi Joshua Brumbach … presents compelling evidence of the importance of Jude’s epistle from both historical and theological positions.”

He goes on to discuss the brevity of both the epistle and my commentary (since it is only 79 pages) and notes, “The author has packed a surprising amount of research and interpretation in a few short pages. It is not only informative, but engaging as well.”

Huckey continues:

When I first saw this work I was curious as to how the text of Jude would be handled from a Messianic perspective. I was particularly interested, because of Jude’s use of non-canonical, apocryphal texts and how most Christian commentary seems to gloss over these important connections Jude makes with these texts. I was pleasantly surprised at Brumbach’s treatment of the connections between the text of Jude and these sources, as well as his conclusions of Jude’s purpose for weaving these allusions and direct references into his message.

Huckey ends his very positive review with saying, “I highly recommend this book for both personal and group study, for both academic and practical application.”

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