Slumdog Pesach

On Sunday night (for the 3rd night of Passover), our friend and fellow-blogger, Miri Kehler (from the blog Miri in the Village) hosted a wonderful party at her home – the 3rd Annual Slumdog Pesach. Slumdog Pesach is not a seder but rather a whole themed out party (with all kosher-for-Passover Indian food!).

Aside from the fact that we had an incredible time, I am always blown away at just how talented and crafty Miri is. She is also a tremendous cook and her baking skills are amazing. Additionally, her attention to detail is remarkable … If you’ll notice in the pictures for the event, Miri hand-made the entire string of little flags hanging from the ceiling, all the place cards with each person’s name at each setting, little cards on the drinking glasses … and all the other little details which made it so superb. It was truly so much fun!

All of the food was Indian and was delicious, savory, seasoned very well … and all kosher-for-Passover. And the palate cleanser (of home-made parev ice-cream and coconut milk whipped cream) and the dessert (a parev kosher-for-Passover chocolate tart) topped it all off.

All of this just highlights why you should check out and follow Miri’s blog, Miri in the Village – a blog all about, in Miri’s own words, “kosher food, crafty design, and over all fabulous things.” My wife, Monique, loves this blog and regularly comments about how great all the different ideas and recipes are. I also really enjoyed her recent post about a recent hiking trip to the old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park that I never even knew existed.

This is a fun blog that we have added to our blog role and hope you will enjoy as well. So check out Miri in the Village!

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2 Responses to Slumdog Pesach

  1. Miri says:

    Thank you for the kind words! It was great to have you two over – you brought the simcha, big time!

  2. OY!! Such talent!! Thanks for pointing me to Miri’s extraordinary blog. WHAT a superlative young woman! OY!

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