Video of the Day, Levertoff – Part 6

Over the last several weeks I have been posting videos as each one is released from a special series by First Fruits of Zion/Vine of David expounding on Paul Philip Levertoff’s classic work, “Love and the Messianic Age.

Levertoff was one of the most influential Jewish believers of the last century, and yet most people nowadays are completely unfamiliar with him and his work (see video #1).

The newest video (#6) was just released yesterday. And if you have not already done so, make sure to check out the other videos in the series as well!

Video #6 (newest)

Here is the newest video in which I introduce the concept of “Joy and Love” in chapter four.

Video #5

In the fifth video, my friend and colleague, Rabbi Tzahi Shapira, introduces the third chapter of Levertoff’s work, “Fear and Love,” and powerfully illustrates the importance of hospitality as an act of partnering with G-d.

Video #4

In the fourth video, Yahnatan Lasko, from the Gathering Sparks blog, further expounds on the idea of “The Law and Love,” particularly addressing the idea of where grace fits into all of this.

Video #3

In the third video in the series, my good friend Yahnatan Lasko discusses the second chapter of Levertoff’s book on the topic of “The Law and Love.”

Video #2

In the second video I delve into the first chapter of  Levertoff’s book, and discuss the concept of “Knowledge and Love,” and what it means to be partners with G-d in the work of rememption.

Video #1

In the first video I introduce Levertoff’s recently republished work, Love and the Messianic Age, and why Levertoff is such an important figure for us today and give a few introductory remarks on Jewish Mysticism.

I hope you enjoy these special videos and hope you will share them with others as well!

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