Gematria in the New Testament?

Last week Derek Leman posted a great article on his blog, Yeshua in Context, on the use of Gematria in the B’rit Chadasha, and particularly in the Gospel of John. Gematria is the rabbinic term for finding numerical patterns in the biblical text. Although the use of Gematria appears throughout the Bible, including the New Testamanent, it is interesting how prevalent it is in the Gospel of John particularly. However, as one of the most mystical texts within the New Testament it should not be such a surprise.

I encourage you to check out the post HERE.

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3 Responses to Gematria in the New Testament?

  1. Jérémy Ferro says:

    Shabat shalom,
    I have created an excel file with the gematria of all the brit hadasha (delitsch version).
    If you’re interested by the file, i’ll be pleased to send it (free 🙂
    If you know a better version, and you want the same file, my program can calculate the gematria of all text.


  2. Sean P. says:

    Full use of Gematria within the New Testament, is exposed at the following web page.

    Granted, it is an English version, but it does speak volumes.

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