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Esther the Superhero

What little girl doesn’t want to wear a Queen Esther costume for Purim? She’s the paragon of our every dream – the beauty of all Jewish beauties, the savior of the Jewish people, the dutiful niece of great Mordechai … … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Talmud is not what you think it is. I say that because Talmud is not what I thought it was. I had done a fair amount of reading in Talmud and about Talmud before taking a class, which I am … Continue reading

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Listen People…Jews Don’t Blow Up Planes!!!

I travel often. Sometimes I get a little extra attention going through security because of my yarmulke, but I’m used to it. To me … it is just another “perk” of being Jewish. However, this weekend I had the worst … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“I have identified [Paul’s] basic convictions that concerning membership requirements (membership is granted through faith in Christ, and therefore not through Torah observance), status (Jew and Gentile are on equal terms in Christ; there is no distinction), and identity (all … Continue reading

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Snowed In

Update 2/11/10: Today I’m writing after phase II of Snowmageddon, which has left a total of 55″ of snow, thousands of people (still) without power, and streets buried in snow. Some say the last time DC experienced this much snow … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“The name ‘Hashivenu’ has become emblematic in the Messianic Jewish world for the stream of Jewish Yeshua-believers who uphold Torah observance, Jewish tradition, and the importance of integration within the wider Jewish world. As such, those who identify with the … Continue reading

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