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I tend to find that people who have grown up in a home where mainstream Judaism was a part of their lives find messianic synagogues lacking in authentic (ie. not Googled) culture … [I]f a place is called a synagogue it needs to function, feel, and smell like one.  A heart for G-d isn’t enough.  Culture does matter.  Especially if we’re going to do anything about the rampant intermarriage rate.  One’s children might call themselves Jews but do they feel like Jews enough to marry another Jew and have a Jewish household?


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Chocoholic, jazz head ... prone to rants, and a professional pitbull. I married a terrific guy who happens to be a rabbi, so I guess that makes me a rebbetzin. Who saw that one coming? My grandparents survived the Shoah and spent their lives in the service of others. On my best days, I walk in their footsteps.
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