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The Controversy of Zion

The Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Dalton Lifsey, Tauranga: Maskilim Publishing, 2011. Dalton Lifsey is a pastor in New Zealand and he has something to say about Israel and the end times that is slightly different … Continue reading

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Not Excited About the People of Zion?

Why do we argue? Why do we care so much? It is, no doubt, because questions of identity, the role each one of us plays in God’s plan, is fundamental to who we are. Out here in Internet-Land we have … Continue reading

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Messianic Jewish Issues That Matter, Week 7

Series Retrospective: I’ve written and some have commented on a number of issues that have likely had something to do with what got many of us involved in MJ to begin with. We’ve talked about wanting to see the good … Continue reading

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Zion Theology #2

The Bible has prophecies of hope and a future of complete redemption, agricultural abundance, full knowledge of God, and many other joyful, hopeful thoughts. There are many labels we attach to these themes in the Bible. Popularly they tend to … Continue reading

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Zion Theology #1

Photo courtesy of President Obama’s recent comments about Israel have a lot of people who love Israel thinking. If you find in this presentation of theology any points that contribute to your opinion on such issues, I am glad. … Continue reading

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Israel and Impossible Things

If you’re like me, President Obama’s words yesterday are discouraging [note: but see Rabbi Joshua’s comment and the possibility that I was wrong]. I know they’re not exactly anything new. But the world is so ready to tell Israel, “Give … Continue reading

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Notes on 19th Century Zionist Origins

“Zionism” is a loaded word in our times. All I mean by the word, especially in the context of the 19th century, is the idea of a Jewish home in what was then called Palestine. Zionism did not necessarily mean … Continue reading

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