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Sabbath Meditation: Almsgiving

I hope you are preparing a beautiful table, as we are at the Leman house. We are laying ours with a burgundy table cloth tonight and using our Jerusalem candlesticks. The few moments you take to make your Sabbath meal … Continue reading

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Lashon Hara, Part 3

This topic of Lashon Hara is particularly capturing my heart and attention right now. I want to be better prepared for the High Holidays this year. I want my life to exhibit fruit, to be a good tree bearing good … Continue reading

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Sabbath Meditation, Picking You Up Off the Floor

Shalom all, Shabbat is approaching. If you are Jewish or Torah-observant, I hope your table is lovely and your family or your guests are ready to meet with God at the dinner table. For my Christian friends who do not … Continue reading

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A Hasidic Parable on Love

Well, I’m studying for my final exam in “Shaping Messianic Jewish Theology,” an online course offered by the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute ( I’m going back over some things we read in Michael Wyschogrod’s The Body of Faith (full of … Continue reading

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