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Superheroes and Jewish Roots

A few years ago, a friend gave me a book called Up, Up, and Oy Vey! I’ve been interested ever since (but woefully lacking knowledge and time to learn) in the intersection between the Jewish American experience and comics. This … Continue reading

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Appreciating Jewish History: an Example

I’ll post “Messianic Issues that Matter, Week 4” tomorrow since today is a holiday. Besides, I didn’t blog after Monday of last week (an unprecedented blog silence for Messianic Jewish Musings). And “Messianic Issues that Matter, Week 3” deserves a … Continue reading

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Messianic Issues That Matter, Week 3

Issue for Week #3: We want to see a greater interest in Jewish history and culture. How it Works: I will be posting issues for discussion every Monday. We can discuss the issue all week long. We welcome comments by … Continue reading

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Israel and Impossible Things

If you’re like me, President Obama’s words yesterday are discouraging [note: but see Rabbi Joshua’s comment and the possibility that I was wrong]. I know they’re not exactly anything new. But the world is so ready to tell Israel, “Give … Continue reading

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Notes on 19th Century Zionist Origins

“Zionism” is a loaded word in our times. All I mean by the word, especially in the context of the 19th century, is the idea of a Jewish home in what was then called Palestine. Zionism did not necessarily mean … Continue reading

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