Take a Class (Take My Class)

Although this is definitely going to be a commercial for my upcoming online class (January 8 – February 18, 2012), I promise there will be some entertainment and inspiration in this post. For starters, how do you like the title of the post as an example of truth-in-advertising? Shouldn’t more companies come right out and say it like that, “Go to the movies, but make sure it is our movie you go to see”?

The fact is, taking a class is the last thing most of you feel you have time to do. But consider this, an online class is really made up of a lot of the things you already do:

  • Watch some YouTube videos. ✓
  • Read the Bible. ✓
  • Read a few chapters of an academic book. ✓
  • Argue about something on a blog (or lurk). ✓
  • Once every six weeks write a short, 1200-word essay. ✓

What? You don’t regularly do all those things? Okay, we to be fair, you probably do at least three out of the five, right? So why not do all this and increase your learning ten-fold by taking my F102 Survey of Apostolic Writings Course, Online via MJTI? No college degree needed to take this class. Here are the topics we’ll cover and you can always order the books early and start reading way before class starts:

F102 Survey of Apostolic Writings Course Outline
Week 1 (January 8-14): Why the Apostolic Writings? The pastoral needs of the Yeshua-movement. Jews realizing the Messianic Age has dawned. Gentiles included freely in Abraham’s family. The world of the Apostolic Writings.
-In time for Blog Discussion, Tues, Jan 10: Achtemeier 1-51; read Acts in one sitting (quickly, ignoring detailed questions).

Week 2 (January 15-21): Where did the gospels come from? The “synoptic problem.” Eyewitness testimony in the gospels. Is there a Q? Is the Fourth Gospel independent? Authorship and date issues.
-By Jan 17: Read Achtemeier 53-86, 123-146; read Mark in one sitting.

Week 3 (January 22-28): Twenty strategies for reading the gospels profitably.
-By Jan 24: Achtemeier 197-243, instructor outline “20 Ways to Read Yeshua,” read John in one sitting.

Week 4 (January 29-February 4): What is the gospel? Paul and Judaism. Paul and gentiles.
-By Jan 31: Leman 1-54, read Galatians in one sitting.

Week 5 (February 5-11): Why aren’t Paul’s letters more comprehensive? Paul’s world. Letter writing, rhetoric, and situational writing.
-By Feb 7: Achtemeier 271-297, Leman 55-66, read Romans in one sitting.

Week 6 (February 12-18): To what extent is Revelation about the near horizon (Rome) and to what extent the time of the end? Jew and gentile in Revelation. Living in light of the Apocalypse.
-By Feb 14: Achtemeier 555-587, read Revelation in one sitting.

Final Essay Due: Midnight Eastern Time, Monday, February 27.

Required Texts
Achtemeier, Paul J., Joel B. Green, and Marianne Meye Thompson. Introducing the New Testament: Its Literature and Theology. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001.
Leman, Derek. Paul Didn’t Eat Pork. Stone Mountain: Mount Olive Press, 2005.

Where and How Much?
Registration fee = $25
Audit the class = $105
Take it for MJTI Credit = $150
Click here for the MJTI website .
Click here for the course description for F102.
Click here to register for F102 Survey of Apostolic Writings.
Note: What you check on the form is Winter Quarter, you probably want to audit the class, so tuition is $105. Unfortunately, they have not lowered the price on the registration form yet, so email Deb at admin at mjti.org to discuss payment.

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