Seminars and Classes, Nov 2011 – Feb 2012

Live near Atlanta? Want to have me come and do a seminar in your hometown? How about “Eyewitnesses in the Gospels” or “In the Days of Torah: Purity and Temple”? Or how about “Yeshua in Context”?

Even if the travel is far from Atlanta, if you can get 20 people to come and pay a small tuition for a seminar, it will cover travel and provide income for me to come and present. (Or you can find 10 people and everyone would have to pitch in more). After the jump, more details on our classes and seminars in Atlanta and most or all of those could be brought to you for a half-day seminar in your hometown . . .

January 8 (Sunday): 3-7 pm. EYEWITNESSES IN THE GOSPELS. Where did the gospels come from? The truth is not as simple as in many traditional explanations, but neither are the gospels late and unconnected to the eyewitnesses as often alleged. Learn the evidence for eyewitness testimony in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Understand how the stories of Yeshua were passed down and came to be written. Cost: $35

January 15 (Sunday): 3-7 pm. IN THE DAYS OF TORAH: PURITY AND TEMPLE. An introduction to the central ideas of Torah: clean and unclean, pure and impure, sin and impurity, atonement and offering, Temple and the Glory of Hashem. This seminar will make most of what is contained in the Torah comprehensible. It is precisely confusion about purity and sin and atonement that has made the Temple, offering, and rituals of Genesis-Deuteronomy like a foreign language to most people. Cost: $35.

February 12 (Sunday): 3-7 pm. YESHUA IN CONTEXT. Who is Yeshua exactly, in his context and time, in Galilee, in the 2nd Temple Period, in relation to Judaism of his time? What is discipleship? How do we emulate the process of following Yeshua today? How do the gospels inform our daily life as followers of Yeshua? Cost: $35.

NOV-DEC classes.
Tuesday nights at 7 pm (we only need six of the nine Tuesdays, so we will plan nights off based on students’ schedules): LANDS OF THE BIBLE – Learn about the place from which Abraham came, the geography of the Exodus, Wilderness, and Conquest period into the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, exiles in Assyria and Babylon, the rise of Persia, the kingdoms of Greece and Rome and New Testament geography. Bring together the people and places into a timeline and onto maps to be able to envision the grand sweep of God’s leaping to and fro in history and on the globe, from redemption to redemption. Cost: $50.

Tuesday nights at 8 pm. Hebrew 103.

JAN-FEB classes.
Tuesday nights at 7 pm. BEGINNERS’ HEBREW. New to Hebrew: learn to read Hebrew and know the consonants and vowels well enough to read prayers and the Hebrew Bible with confidence. Cost: $50.

Tuesday nights at 8 pm. TRANSLATING THE BOOK OF RUTH. Advanced Beginner level class. You must be able to read Hebrew. We will learn grammar by example, by translating an inspiring book and digging deeper into concepts of faithfulness, love, covenant loyalty, and the origins of the line of Messiah. Advanced Hebrew students also welcome. A knowledge of grammar is not a pre-requisite. Cost: $50.

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4 Responses to Seminars and Classes, Nov 2011 – Feb 2012

  1. benicho says:

    $50?! What’s it cost to get you to come out to CO?

  2. Derek Leman says:


    The $50 classes are six week classes (one hour each week with homework). The $35 classes are 4 hour seminars. And in both cases, these are seminars and classes held here in Atlanta.

    To travel out of state, a group would need first to chip in enough per person to cover airfare and a little extra travel money. Then, people could buy books and/or make small donations. So, figure about $400 for travel to Colorado and someone would need to put me up at their house for a night and pick me up and drop me off. I’m a cheap traveler.

  3. Andrew T. says:

    I’m loving the fusion of mainstream scholarship and religious faith. Too many have the impression that they must choose one or the other. Your work is planting a much-needed seed.

  4. benicho says:

    That’s a steal of a deal, I’ll have to talk to some of the groups around here and see about dates.

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