PODCAST: DHE Readings, Yeshua in Context

The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels were just released in late August by Vine of David, an imprint of First Fruits of Zion. DHE stands for Delitzsch Hebrew English, referring the English translation of the Hebrew text of the gospels by 19th century Christian Hebraist Franz Delitzsch.

The DHE is a thoughtfully prepared translation with removes some of the Christian lingo that has accumulated and recasts the gospels in English into the language of Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). It is language very appropriate to the narrative of the Jewish Messiah. The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels are a Jewish printing of Yeshua’s story. They are invaluable to modern readers to never let us forget this is a story of a great Jew whose life is of ultimate significance for Israel and the nations. In this podcast, I share a few readings and examples of how the DHE makes this plain to a reader today.

NEXT WEEK: I will make available a CD and printed outline of the presentation I am giving Sunday night, “20 Ways to Read Yeshua’s Life.” I hope you will consider buying one and renewing or refreshing your practice of reading the gospels.

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