Upcoming: Continuing the Torah and New Testament Series

I have had several emails wondering if I was going to pick back up the “Torah and New Testament” series “Torah and New Testament, #1”“Torah and New Testament, #2”“Torah and New Testament, #3”).

I am going to get back to it next week. I planned some topics through the tenth installment. After this, I will likely delve into Acts and Paul (but perhaps not as many specific topics there since “Paul and Torah” is a bottomless well of material). To preview the “Torah and New Testament” topics for #4 – #10 click past the jump . . .

#4 Yeshua and the sacrifices

#5 Yeshua and the Temple

#6 Yeshua and Sabbath

#7 Yeshua and the Purity Laws

#8 Yeshua and the Antitheses

#9 Yeshua and the Pharisees

#10 Yeshua and Righteousness

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1 Response to Upcoming: Continuing the Torah and New Testament Series

  1. Andrew T. says:

    I’m totally looking forward to this. There are too many renegade scholars nowadays that want to remold Jesus into anything from a magician to a guru to a cynic philosopher. Admitting the obvious (that Yeshua and his Jewish followers worshipped God and loved Torah, and many miracles happened) would only strengthen people’s faith, after all.

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