Seminar: Studying the Jewish Gospels

Boaz Michael of First Fruits of Zion (and Vine of David) will be here in Atlanta on Sunday, September 18, from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. He and I will be presenting together at the Hope of David Learning Center in Roswell: “Studying the Jewish Gospels.” His two sessions will be about “6 Key Principles and Examples from the Jewish Gospels” and my one session will be “20 Ways to Read Yeshua’s Life.” Please come and join us. It would be worth driving even a few hours.

Maybe you’d like to organize a similar seminar where you live. Let’s do it.

And below the jump I will share #16 from my list: Learn to think Jewishly about Hebrew Bible allusions and themes.

#16 Learn to think Jewishly about Hebrew Bible allusions and themes.
Modern readers can easily be confused by Jewish ways of applying the Bible to new situations. If you read examples of Jewish use of scripture, especially the ancient form of teaching known as midrash, you learn that it is perfectly acceptable to find secondary meanings in a verse. For example, because Yeshua and the evangelists quote from Psalm 22, must we read Psalm 22 as a prediction of Messiah’s suffering? Not at all if we think Jewishly. Or consider this famous example from Matthew 2:15, “They remained there until the death of Hordos [Herod], fulfilling the word of HaShem through the prophet saying, ‘Out of Mitzrayim [Egypt] I called my son.’” This is a citation of Hosea 11:1. Readers of Hosea can say with confidence: the plain meaning of Hosea 11 is God bringing Israel out of Egypt, not Messiah. But readers with a Jewish sense of reading are used to such derived, fanciful meanings which never cancel the plain meaning but are added to it. Thus, we can see that Matthew is saying the life of Yeshua repeats the pattern of Israel’s history because Yeshua is the Ideal Personification of Israel.

A CD and printed outline of my session will be available next week for $15. If you want to be a better reader of Yeshua’s life, I hope you will stay tuned and buy one when I announce it here.

Bonus: See today’s YIC Blog Post: The Purpose of Parables.

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3 Responses to Seminar: Studying the Jewish Gospels

  1. James says:

    #16 Learn to think Jewishly about Hebrew Bible allusions and themes.

    Whoa! Hold up there, cowboy. As my wife has told me on more than one occasion, unless you were born and raised in an ethnically and culturally (and probably religiously) Jewish family and community, it could take years and even decades to learn to “think Jewishly” about the Bible or anything else. She’s just now “getting it down” so to speak.

    I don’t know that learning to “think Jewishly” will be quite as easy as falling off a log, or even attending a four hour seminar. I’ll probably spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out.

  2. Derek Leman says:


    Your wife (and I would never say otherwise) is obviously correct.

    In one sense.

    To understand what it means to live in society as a Jew, to be thought of by others as a Jew, that is a matter of experience.

    But to read rabbinic literature and be able to understand its rhythms and methods, many non-Jews have done this.

  3. James says:

    To quote Lt. Cmdr. Data, “It is obvious that I have much to learn.”

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