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The Delitzsch Hebrew-English gospels are coming out in mid-August. A number of us in the Messianic Jewish world (and a parallel trend back to reading the gospels is happening in emerging churches) feel that the gospels have been neglected and need to be returned to their place as the Torah of the apostles.

On my Facebook author page (details below), I am having a promotion. I will give away five copies of the DHE gospels in mid to late August. Also, we’re having a DHE release party here in Atlanta September 18 with Boaz Michael and Aaron Eby — and all three of us will be speaking on the gospels and their impact on our lives. Stay tuned for more about the release party for the DHE and after the jump there are details on the Facebook give-away promotion.


Step 1: Go to my author page on facebook and “like” it:

Step 2: Get a friend (or 2 or 3 or 100) to “like” my page.

Step 3: After they “like” my page, send me their names by email: yeshuaincontext at gmail.

Step 4: I will enter you in the drawing for as many times as you have friends who like my page.

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8 Responses to Promotion on My Facebook Page

  1. James says:

    I’ll pass on the promotion, but a review is coming my way, so I’ll be posting my thoughts on the DHE Gospels on my blog at some point soon.

  2. Derek Leman says:

    James, I promote you to 1st Lieutenant!!

  3. James says:

    I take it that makes you Captain Kirk (I saw your picture on Facebook). 😉

  4. Derek Leman says:

    Bridge to Lieutenant James Tiberius Pyles.

  5. James says:

    The first time the “T” in Kirk’s name was tagged “Tiberius” was in one of the episodes of the animated series (early 1970s). I hated it then and I hate it now. But what can you do? It’s canon.

  6. Derek Leman says:

    U got something against Roman names? (Cue: Monty Python Skit, “What’ve the Romans Ever Done for Us?”).

  7. Glenda (Homeschooling Little Leonards) says:

    I’m so excited about this!!!! 🙂 How many entries do I have so far? I lost count!

    • Derek Leman says:


      You’re a superstar on my list, entered six times to win. I’d say you have a great chance.


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