Steve in Ashkelon

About a year ago, we at Tikvat David had the great fortune to have Steve and Grace Purtell come and join our congregation. I mention this because Steve, a grad student, is away for six weeks on an archaeological dig in Ashkelon on the coast in Israel. He is blogging about it and the dig officially started yesterday (yes, on Shavuot–go figure). You can follow his adventures at under “Ashkelon 2011 Blog.”

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2 Responses to Steve in Ashkelon

  1. Thanks Derek! there are some very exciting things going on at the dig! Experiencing Shavout in Israel was amazing! Tomorrow we are on a field trip to Jerusalem. Thanks in advance for all your support and prayers!

  2. Derek Leman says:

    Steve, you betcha. We’re just lucky to have you and Grace around! I’m interested in dig details and will be checking. And hey, an exclusive photo for Messianic Jewish Musings readers WILL get you brownie points.

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