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Topics Included in the Upcoming Seminar

“Eyewitnesses in the Gospels” seminar: Papias on the traditions, trends in named/unnamed characters, footprints of Peter in Mark, footprints of the Beloved Disciple in John, Luke’s unique named characters. June 5 in Roswell, GA. It’s not too late to register. … Continue reading

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Life of Loving Deeds #2

As part of my belief that the life and message of Yeshua is relevant for people today, and that he came to make disciples to join in kingdom work, I am blogging each week on loving deeds. In “Life of … Continue reading

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Russ Resnik on Israel and the Double Standard

A good, solid read and very thoughtful, as usual, by Rabbi Russ Resnik:

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Israel and Impossible Things

If you’re like me, President Obama’s words yesterday are discouraging [note: but see Rabbi Joshua’s comment and the possibility that I was wrong]. I know they’re not exactly anything new. But the world is so ready to tell Israel, “Give … Continue reading

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Having Fun with Rabbi Lawrence

Okay, Rabbi Lawrence (a complete stranger) commented on my blog at the old site today. He chose to comment on the post where I inform everyone that Messianic Jewish Musings has moved to this new location. I decided to have … Continue reading

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FAQ: The Sabbath and Gentiles

This is an emotional topic for people. It is a topic people argue about with anger. And it is not a popular position to say that the Sabbath is a sign commandment for Jewish people, that it is a sign … Continue reading

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Notes on 19th Century Zionist Origins

“Zionism” is a loaded word in our times. All I mean by the word, especially in the context of the 19th century, is the idea of a Jewish home in what was then called Palestine. Zionism did not necessarily mean … Continue reading

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Eternal Covenant: A Coincidence of Readings

I read the Torah according to the normal schedule followed by most in the Jewish world (except those who follow the tri-ennial cycle) and I accompany my Torah reading with readings from the gospels (see yesterday’s post on “Learning the … Continue reading

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Explained: The Lead Codices

At last we get a good summary of the con-job attempted on the world. Tom Verenna explains the sad story of the lead codices hoax. He also makes passing reference to the latest pseudo-archeology craze: Simcha Jacobovici claims (falsely) to … Continue reading

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Learning the Gospels

Can you identify the one true statement in this list? (1) The Gospel of Matthew lists the disciple Matthew as its author. (2) The Gospel of John lists John, son of Zebedee, and one of the disciples, as its author. … Continue reading

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