Podcast Transcript on YIC Blog

Today’s podcast (not uploaded yet) will be “Peter’s Footprints.”

Here is an excerpt from the transcript and the podcast will be posted this afternoon:

Oral history, by the way, is very different from oral tradition. Oral history is direct, related by eyewitnesses. Oral history is Simon of Cyrene speaking in the early congregations, telling his story. Oral history is Peter, teaching gathered groups and relating his direct experience of Yeshua. Oral tradition is when stories are passed from teller to teller. Variations get introduced. Words get attributed to people who may not have been the actual origin.

The gospels were written down at the time the eyewitnesses were dying out. It seems the stories were written when the time for direct oral history was disappearing.

Go to this link at Yeshua in Context for more.

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