PODCAST – Peter’s Footprints – Yeshua in Context

A few years ago I started reading constantly about the life of Yeshua and research on the gospels. At first, some aspects of my faith were shaken. A curious thing happened over time. I came more and more to think that through all the complexities, the story of Yeshua (Jesus) is real. I don’t see things as simply as I once did and my faith takes some different shapes now than it once did. But we all should grow and not remain as we are.

A few recent comments by people on blogs as well as interaction with Jewish and non-Jewish inquirers, critics, and friends, is leading me to care more deeply than ever before about faith and history, about story and truth. This podcast is one small contribution to a huge topic.

The Messiah Yeshua Children’s Volume 1 is at the designer and will soon go to press.
Yeshua for Small Groups is my summer project and will be available by fall (if I get it done).
Mark: An Audio-Commentary is my fall project. I hope to get it done for Hanukkah (wouldn’t it make a good Hanukkah or Christmas present?).

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