The Coming DHE and Linguistic Bridges

The DHE is coming this summer — a Jewish version of the four gospels in Hebrew and English. The Hebrew is the Delitzsch translation, which is still used in Israel today alongside a more contemporary Hebrew translation (Delitzsch’s translation puts the New Testament in the language of the Hebrew Bible whereas that the Bible Society uses modern Hebrew). DHE stands for Delitzsch Hebrew-English. The English is a translation prepared by Vine of David. It is a fairly word for word translation of Delitzsch. It keeps some Hebrish constructions (e.g., tzedakah instead of “righteousness”). But it is not as burdened with them as some Messianic Jewish versions. In all, it reads very well.

Boaz Michael has a nice post today about one of the nice features of the DHE for people who read regularly in the stream of Hebrew Bible and rabbinic writings. See him here about linguistic bridges.

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