PODCAST – The UnConqueror – Yeshua in Context

The last part of Isaiah is about a figure who has been described as the Anointed Conqueror, a messianic figure whose robe is dipped in blood, who brings vindication, but who also sets the oppressed free and binds up the broken-hearted. Yeshua came home to Nazareth and read from Isaiah 58 and 61 in his synagogue. He left out the vengeance part. How does Luke make this the quintessence of Yeshua’s career, the guiding narrative of his healing, exorcism, and kingdom preaching?

COMING: Seminar in Atlanta. June 5, “Eyewitnesses in the Gospels.” Email me at yeshuaincontext at gmail to register. More Yeshua in Context resources coming in 2011: a Children’s series of books, an Audio-Commentary on Mark, Yeshua for Small Groups, and Discipleship in Yeshua.

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