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The Bigger Picture: New Family in Yeshua

The image to the left is my idea of the world to come. Yes, it’s New Zealand. There is a reason Peter Jackson made Middle Earth here. And this post is about having the world to come here and now … Continue reading

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Not Jewish Yet Drawn to Torah, Part 8

This article is way overdue! I had people facebooking me two weeks ago saying, “Hurry up!” A short summary of the issue in this series: many non-Jews have been drawn into Messianic Judaism and various Judeo-Christian groups in the past … Continue reading

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Peace at the Border With Jordan? More . . .

On MJPassages, I have a link to a photo and some information about the just-opened baptism site at Bethabara. You’ll see people on the Jordan side and the Israel side baptizing themselves in the same waters at the same time. … Continue reading

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Happy Tu B'Shevat!

It starts at sundown tonight. The Leman family is having its Seder tomorrow before sundown (for various reasons of family schedule). We’ll be using Bloom! by First Fruits of Zion. See it here (you can always have a late Seder … Continue reading

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Yeshua's Prayer

In yesterday’s post, I was unable to put up links to the mp3 files for the newly written melody of the Avinu (Lord’s Prayer). I have the files uploaded and the links ready today (in this post and back in … Continue reading

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New Liturgy: the Lord's Prayer

???????? ??????????????? ??????????? ??????? Avinu shebashamayim, yitkadash sh’meicha. Our Father, who is in heaven, may your name be sanctified. (Forgive the transliterated Greek, but I have yet to set up my Mac to type in Greek): Pater heimon ho en … Continue reading

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Coming February through March…

The Passover / Last Supper / Timing of the Crucifixion issue in all its glory will be re-explored on Messianic Jewish Musings. Over the years, the posts about these matters have repeatedly been the favorite and most-searched ones on Messianic … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Yeshua and Miracles

Today a commenter on the Yeshua in Context blog said that belief in the supernatural has no place in the college classroom or serious academic research. He believes Jesus is a myth. He says that religion scholars should not make … Continue reading

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Just Got Bloom! and Plant!

We’ve been snowed in all week in Atlanta. Mail came today for this first time this week. I was excited to get my Tu B’Shevat haggadahs from First Fruits. I wrote about Bloom! and Plant! here. And it’s not too … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi, God, the Universe, and Us

Science fiction was my religion once. Asimov was my prophet and Clark too, and my teacher was Sagan. That was before I came to Jesus and Judaism. Some of the radical amazement I used to feel for the vastness of … Continue reading

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