News: Children's Book Available Next Week

The first book in a series of children’s books on the life of Yeshua is on its way from the printer. I just got the ship notification. We’re hoping to have a dozen or more books in the series. What would help us keep the series going? If hundreds of you bought a copy. The better we can recoup costs on the first book, the better we can produce and publish more books. The first on is “Yeshua Comes Home to Nazareth,” and people will quickly see the difference in this series, both in the biblical depth of the storytelling and in the Jewish depiction of Jesus. These books could serve the MJ movement as some of its only children’s books and churches looking for a more historical depiction of Jesus to teach the children. I’ll have a link posted next week so you can buy the book. Please consider ordering multiple copies.

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  1. benicho says:

    If you ever need any help with design, layout or anything print related I’d be glad to help out at no cost. And if you’re unsure about that I can always give you a resum

  2. Thanks, benicho. I may take you up on it at some point.

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