Hashivenu 2011

I’m in beautiful Agoura Hills, California, at the annual Hashivenu Forum, a Messianic Jewish think-tank (in my mind, the Messianic Jewish think-tank). The topic this year is Community and Messianic Judaism.

I was asked to give one of the two book reviews and was assigned a book the president of a Christian University, a primer on community as it relates to counseling and wellness. I would not have picked this book out, but I’m glad it was assigned. I learned more than I expected and spent a week or two discussing it at synagogue before coming here. The book (I’ll name it and say more after the jump) says that we are not individualistic persons, but were made to be in community. Modern therapeutic views of wellness have missed this and religious communities (most are actually what the author calls pseudocommunities) have failed to get it right.

The book is Counseling and Community: Using Church Relationships to Reinforce Counseling by Rod J.K. Wilson, the president of Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Here is one excerpt from my review (the whole thing is over 3,000 words and I’d gladly email it to you if you request it at yeshuaincontext at gmail):

After a brief introduction to modern attitudes about community and nostalgia for what Wilson says were only allegedly better days, he gets into issues of the definition of community. Wilson doesn

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  1. Thanks for sharing this excerpt, Derek! I hope we’ll get to read a little bit (or a lot) more from you about Hashivenu.

    I’m a fan of both Scott Peck and Bonhoeffer. “The Different Drum” influenced the way I think about community at a fundamental level.

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