PODCAST – Yeshua in Context: Questions, Unexpected Messiah

Chapter 2 of Yeshua in Context is called “The Unexpected Messiah.” It refers to the story in Luke 4, where we find Yeshua in his own hometown. He challenges his audience by claiming messianic identity and then denies what seemed to them to be the heart of Messiah’s mission. He was Messiah, but not the kind of Messiah they were hoping for.

Things haven’t really changed. Modern religious audiences still prioritize the wrong messianic mission. Yeshua is still the unexpected messiah whose followers, sadly, often do not get the heart of his mission and do not follow him faithfully. Luke 4 is not only a challenge to the world to believe in Yeshua, it is a challenge to Christianity and Messianic Judaism to get on board with Messiah. In this podcast I discuss questions that will be in the upcoming YESHUA IN CONTEXT SOURCEBOOK, a book of lists and questions for individual and group study of Yeshua

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