Elul Meditation: Even Mother and Father

Psalm 27 is read morning and evening throughout this month of Elul and to the end of Sukkot.

Perhaps the most poignant verse in Psalm 27 is vs. 10. It is odd in its surrounding of petitions. Is it an affirmation or a petition?


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2 Responses to Elul Meditation: Even Mother and Father

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  2. erinjanes says:

    As I have grown older, my father passed away and my mother is elderly and requires extra care and assistance from me.

    My thoughts on the verse you talk about today is that our parents don’t abandon us intentionally. They grow old. They don’t hear as well, or think as quickly as they did when they were young and raising us. And the role and area of responsibility as parent changes over time.

    Yet the role of God in our lives does not change and his word stands forever.

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