A Sad Article on Friday Nights for Some Intermarrieds

This would not happen if intermarried families chose to belong to Messianic Jewish communities:

Tablet Magazine, “Private Practice,” June 25, 2010. by Elizabeth Cohen.

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3 Responses to A Sad Article on Friday Nights for Some Intermarrieds

  1. robyn says:

    I do not think the Messianic Jewish community would be a cure-all for situations like this. What would draw an intermarried couple, neither one of whom are believers in Yeshua, to a Messianic Jewish congregation?

  2. robyn:

    First, most intermarried Jewish people are married to someone with family ties to Chrstianity. A leading cause of divorce in these couples is religious pressure/disagreement. A mature MJ synagogue will be welcoming to the Jewish and Christian spouse, will be friendly with church and synagogue, and will without prejudice provide religious education that has both Jewish and Christian elements.

    Second, even in intermarried couples where there is no strong pull to Jesus, MJ can be a home better than a mainstream church or synagogue, because we are less narrow, more broad, as much a hybrid as these couples are.


  3. Robyn:

    Notice I said “mature” MJ congregations. Some would make the matter worse (anti-church rhetoric, narrow, cultic ideas like One Law, etc.).


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