Switching Haggadahs

I have a lot of Passover Haggadahs. I like to buy used ones on ebay and have built a small but respectable collection. I like to have some old ones and some new ones. I like Haggadot with pictures. I love Haggadaot with nicely arranged Hebrew calligraphy. I like to read varying translations in English.

Most of all, I love displaying them cover forward on one of the shelves in my home-office.

When it comes to a Haggadah to use for my family (1st night) and my synagogue (2nd night), I have tried a few options. I bought about 60 copies of a Family Haggadah with cool pictures and in which the Seder only takes 30-45 minutes in addition to the meal.

The problem is, the makers of this Haggadah decided what to leave out and what to include. As I learned more about the Haggadah, I wanted to be the one who decided what to include and what to leave out.

I bought an inexpensive Artscroll Haggadah and have 120 of them. They are somewhat plain, but they work fine.

The problem is, they do not, of course, integrate the words of Yeshua and the memory of Yeshua. I want a Haggadah that integrates them intelligently and is also beautiful.

Of course, I have a few

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2 Responses to Switching Haggadahs

  1. yeshua4us says:

    This brings joy to my heart. I, like you, have a ‘collection’ of Passover Haggadahs. And like you, I’ve been in my own quandary about which one to actually use. This was an informative article and I’m looking forward to a five copy order!
    Thank you for pursuing what you knew what was right from the heart. Shalom-Teresa.?

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