Yeshua and His Hanukkah Messages

The theme which seems to have been in Yeshua

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3 Responses to Yeshua and His Hanukkah Messages

  1. dansangelflew says:

    thank you Derek. This is some wonderful reflection.

  2. judeoxian says:

    Was Yeshua referring to Jason and Menelaus when he was talking about the false shepherds? Given the fact that Yeshua refers to “shepherds,” I don’t think he’s referring to the office of the priesthood or even the high priesthood. Priests aren’t referred to as “shepherds.” That designation is kingly/Davidic.

    Is it possible that Yeshua is referring to the Maccabees themselves, what they became? Those sons of Aaron who wrongfully stole the throne of Israel and designated themselves as priest-kings? Hasmoneans (and especially Herods) who had no business governing klal Yisrael?

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