Searching for Rebekah

isra10278Ah, the Rebekah story. Abraham has his servant put his hand under his thigh and swear (it wasn

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  1. peterygwendyta says:

    Insightful blog as usual.

  2. I also was shocked when learning that Rashi!:P

  3. Tishrei says:

    Maybe I am misreading, but are you saying that believers in Christ (Yeshua) should not intermarry — i.e. a Jewish beliver and a gentile believer? That kind of marriage does not seem to fall into the “unequally” yoked commandment.

  4. Tishrei:

    In the case of a Jewish Yeshua-follower and a Christian, I believe intermarriage is only advisable when the couple understands the issue of Jewish identity and comes to a workable solution. The idea that any two people are compatible for marriage or that any two Yeshua-believers are compatible for marriage is simply a myth. One wants kids early, the other wants to wait until mid thirties for kids. Not compatible. People from divergent cultures are not automatically compatible. What will the African-American and caucasian couple work out as a means of raising the children, relating to family, etc. These issues should not be entered into lightly. Yes, African-Americans and caucasians can have successful intermarriages without confusing the children, but only through approaching the situation with wisdom.

    All the more so a Jewish Yeshua-follower (called to keep Torah and be connected with the Jewish people) and a Gentile Yeshua-follower (lacking the history and experience of Jewish life, often not open to Jewish life in the home, etc.).

    As I mentioned in the post, Messianic Judaism is a place where intermarried couples can find harmony.

    Derek Leman

  5. Tishrei says:

    I agree with your reply. Culture does play a huge part in a marraige. Just because two people are followers of Christ does not ensure that the marriage will be successful — as you pointe out, one wants children right away while another wants to wait.

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

  6. I appreciate the mature response here:

    “The idea that any two people are compatible for marriage…is simply a myth.”

    Too frequently, we forget this. What we might call normal marriages, between people of the same ethnicity and social background, are difficult enough given the realities of the Twenty-First Century. Intermarriage between ethnic groups, while not impossible, has more difficulty. Beyond this, Jewish/non-Jewish intermarriage has even more difficulty.

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