PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Kingdom of Heaven, Pt 1

RSP_-_Harp_PinYeshua had a central message. It was the first thing he ever taught. It was always in the background of everything else he taught. It is the key to understanding Yeshua and it is not a secret. It is well-known though often misunderstood.


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  1. peterygwendyta says:

    I really enjoy your pod casts. I know you are a busy man but maybe somewhere down the line you can put these podcasts into a type of book with more flesh on it. While Christian sometimes over emphasise the NT and Jesus at the expense of the OT on the other hand Messianics sometimes over emphasise the OT at the expence of the NT and Jesus. So it is great when I read and hear Messianics give their teaching and perspective on Jesus (Yeshua).

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