The Neglected Haftarah: A Resource Review

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3 Responses to The Neglected Haftarah: A Resource Review

  1. DysfunctionalParrot says:

    After enjoying Volume 2, I’m pretty pumped to start on the new and improved Volume 3 which I just got in the mail last week! You’re right…we don’t give the Prophets nearly the study they require. At least I know I don’t.

    Can’t wait to start this!

  2. tiqun says:

    i wish this kind of thing would alo exist in french! there seem to be quite a few people over here who would be interested to study such material, but not nearly enough people know really not enough english to read this.

    sunday we will have a service themed Israel, the church and Israel. i’m supposed to speak there for 3-5 minutes, on messianic judaism. but i really don’t know what to say. help! but i feel the interested in commentaries such as Torah Club here overseas as well.

  3. Tiqun:

    Great to hear from you. Might I suggest Romans 11 as a topic for your talk. Israel’s continued role and the Olive Tree go a long way.


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