Ezekiel: Prophet on Steroids, Part 1

ezekiel-bonesWhen I was new to the study of Torah, there was something about Leviticus that drew me. It was famous as the book no one read. It was arcane, an understatement, and challenging for someone knew to Torah. I read it hungrily and made one of the best decisions of my academic life: to buy the three-volume commentary of Jacob Milgrim in the Anchor series. While I still have not endorsed the documentary hypothesis, I nonetheless learned more the Milgrim

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3 Responses to Ezekiel: Prophet on Steroids, Part 1

  1. tnnonline says:

    Goldingay is a very enjoyable writer. You do not have to agree with all of his conclusions (like JEDP) to appreciate what he brings out from the text. His Old Testament Theology series is also good reading.

    Hopefully, we can meet in person sometime next year, as the ETS/SBL meetings are in Atlanta, which means it is an easy drive for me up from FL, and I can somehow tie it into visiting family in Nashville.

  2. Thanks, J.K. (tnnonline). I look forward to meeting you in person next year. Maybe I will make you attend at least one Ezekiel session at SBL. What section of SBL interests you most?

  3. tnnonline says:

    Dunno yet…but I still have time to figure things out, right?

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