Ezekiel, Some Rabbinic Stories

Ezekiel and rabbinic literature have something in common: they both have a reputation for being difficult. There is some truth to this perception. I don

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  1. ltverberg says:

    Hi Derek –

    One book that you might find quite interesting is “Echoes of a Prophet: The Use of Ezekiel in the Gospel of John and the Literature of the Second Temple Period” by Gary Manning. (You can read much of it on Google Books.)

    One important observation he makes is that Ezekiel contains several important messianic images that provide the context for the words of Jesus, for instance that he is the Good Shepherd of Ezekiel 34.

    Manning also points out that the Dry Bones vision in Ezekiel 37 was quite important in the Second Temple period both to Jews and the early church. It was not read as metaphorical, about God resurrecting Israel by regathering the nation from exile. Rather it was read as literal, as a prediction of the resurrection of Israel from the dead at the end of time. It was a key text in the Pharisee/ Sadducee debates about resurrection which Jesus and Paul participated in. Even in the early church it was read every week.

    I’ll be interested in hearing what you think.


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