#3 in The Hebrew Bible Speaks: Introduction

Starting April 1, I began posting chapters for a book I am writing online. Perhaps when I have more material, I will create a site just for this book. Meanwhile know that the postings are not in order. This third posting, for example, is the introduction.

For the two earlier postings click on #1 or #2.

To say that the Hebrew Bible speaks is to reject simplistic ideas about the Bible. It is not a book which simply confirms religious institutions in their complacent activity. It is not either a rolled, leather scroll or a black, leather book functioning as a holy symbol for Judaism or Christianity. It neither confirms a simplistic Jewish message

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  1. timgrandstaff says:

    Fantastic. I love your reading your blog and you have helped in many ways. I am moving to Orlando soon and learning this stuff is stirring the core of me to want more and more. Thank you for all you are doing. I greatly appreciate it and am loving these moments to continue to learn as a student.

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