Understanding the Passover Haggadah: Part 1

wolf_haggadah_avignon_provence_final_decade_of_the_14th_centSo, you want to celebrate Passover in a traditional way. You pick up a Haggadah, a Passover manual, and you think it will be simple. Passover is a ritual meal with a few symbolic foods and the story from Exodus, right? But as you read the Haggadah it seems anything but. What

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3 Responses to Understanding the Passover Haggadah: Part 1

  1. heavenisnear says:

    i look forward to this series of posts because of what you mentioned. i plan to lead our first in-home seder this year, and it’s more than a little over-whelming.

  2. jonboze says:

    Educational as always. I’ll definitely be referencing this for our passover this year.

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