Throne Visions

par_12-733533Although it is impossible, I like to imagine the electrifying terror and joy of ordinary men and women beholding visions beyond the veil. The sudden raising of the ordinary to levels unimaginable, the piercing quality of vision, the wonder which it must be painful to let go–the visions that the prophets experienced intrigue me.

I am teaching Revelation at my synagogue as well as to a home group south of Atlanta. The Apocalypse, as it is also known, is vivid precisely because it is the fruition of the many prophets who came before, so that John

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2 Responses to Throne Visions

  1. cjlid says:

    This all reminds me of that song “I Can Only Imagine.” What will it be like when that Day comes??

    I know I’ve never trembled before a “vision behind the veil” but am so thankful for the tidbits of His presence he has given.

  2. grandstaff says:

    Would you mind continuing to reveal and share the discussions and teachings during this time for you? This one and others would be a great help in seeing more of the book of Revelation.

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