Is There Anything in the Bible for Me?

A non-Jewish friend recently asked if there is anything in the Bible for non-Jews. Having made a paradigm shift in reading the Bible and recognizing the centrality of Israel, it is actually possible to feel a sense of loss. Years of reading the Bible carelessly and applying texts with no concern for their intended audience can make re-reading the Bible confusing.

In this excerpt from my book, The World to Come, I address some parts of the question, “How does a non-Jew locate himself or herself in the Biblical conversation?”

The wheat farmer in China and the mountain villager in Khazakstan, the goat herder in Jordan and the bushman in Botswana, the commodities trader in Chicago and the cab driver in London

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3 Responses to Is There Anything in the Bible for Me?

  1. judahgabriel says:

    Excellent post as usual, Derek.

    The end of the post, when you talked about the 2 brothers made me think back to Messiah’s parable about the wayward son.

    Do you think that parable is speaking about Israel and the nations?

  2. Judah:

    Thanks for the kind word. I guess you will let us non-watchers of American Idol know if Sharon Wilbur makes it onto the show. I will be watching your blog.

    I don’t really think the Parable of the Prodigal Son is about Israel and the nations per se. I think like many others, it is more about people who feel secure in their way with God (older brother) not being responsive when new things happen (younger brother).


  3. judahgabriel says:


    Fair enough. I’ve heard many interpretations of that, wanted to hear your take on it.

    Regarding Sharon, someone’s leaked the top 20 contentants list onto the web. She’s on it! From 20 on, it’s all live, and voting based, so we’ll see if she makes it further. Her original audition in Jacksonville airs this upcoming Tuesday.

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