Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer in First Things

Just a note, since my local theological library is closed for the holidays and I do not have a subscription to First Things, but one of my mentors, Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer, is featured in a dialogue in this month’s issue.

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Kinzer and if you like to read academic theology, you owe it to yourself to read Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism. He is defining, along with a group of other Messianic Jewish scholars, a mature path for the future of Messianic Judaism.

To see the Table of Contents for the current issue of First Things, featuring Dr. Kinzer:


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  1. warland52 says:

    Glad you posted this. I have read the two essays and was very happy to see the beginning of a Messianic Jewish- Roman Catholic dialogue. Per the note in First Things, Matthew Levering and Mark Kinzer are part of an official Messianic Jewish – Roman Catholic Dialogue Group. One imagines they may be the only members! But you have to start somewhere. As a Catholic, I was very impressed with Kinzer’s article and ability to engage with Catholic concepts of the “Church” to make his points.


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