Virgins, Prophets, Angels, and Matthew

prophetThis post is part of a series, the most recent two installments to be found at “Read All About It: Ancient Prophet’s Precise Prognostication!” and “The Non-Story Approach to Matthew Five Fulfillments.

Of the five fulfillments in Matthew 1-2, the first one is often the hardest to explain to people. This is because people have such a strong idea beforehand that they know what this fulfillment text means. To suggest a different reading almost seems sacrilegious.

If I said to you that Isaiah 7:14 was not about Yeshua, would you tar and feather me? If I said that the woman in Isaiah 7:14 is not necessarily a virgin, would you relegate me to the woodpile doused in oil waiting for me to be tied to it and burned alive?

Well, Mary was a virgin and she did conceive by the Holy Spirit. But the thing is, neither the word that Matthew uses nor the word that Isaiah used in 7:14 means virgin. The word means a maiden or a young woman. It usually signifies an unmarried young woman.

So, if it is true that Isaiah 7:14 is not a prediction of the virgin birth, what is it about and what does it tell us about Yeshua?

Well, most people don

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