The Non-Story Approach to Matthew's Five Fulfillments

endtimesbeganThere are five fulfillment sayings in Matthew 1 and 2. In four of the five Matthew says these things happened to

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2 Responses to The Non-Story Approach to Matthew's Five Fulfillments

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  2. siseleanor says:

    I suppose the most obvious thing to say in response to the difficulties here is that it is usual in Jewish tradition for texts to be interpreted in multiple ways, in layers of meaning? Since when I wouldn’t know, but it is routine among commentators that they find layer upon layer of interpretation and it isn’t a problem if apparently even contradictory interpretations sit alongside each other in tradition. So this could explain the interpretation Matthew offers of the Hosea and Jeremiah texts.
    With regard to the fifth I wonder if he is quoting another source which may not have survived, ie a traditional interpretation of an unspecified text which is a play on words (some of which can be quite obscure and not at all obvious) which again, has not survived in its original source.

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