Read All About It: Ancient Prophet's Precise Prognostication!

The following is an introduction to a short series on the five fulfillments of Matthew 1 and 2.

Everything we know in life comes to us through story. We grew up on stories we witnessed about family, childhood, the world around us. We learned how and when to laugh, how and when to love, and how and when to cry from watching and making the stories of what we saw into guiding narratives for our lives. Even mundane things we know, like when to change the oil in our car, we learned as stories, such as the dreaded story of the burned-up engine.

Sometimes people get confused and think that what they want in life is just the facts. We imagine that life could just be boiled down to lists and table and bullet points. We imagine ourselves scientific beings simply following the known data about life.

But then we pay large sums of money to be entertained with stories. Vulcan starship officers we are not.

Our love for stories ought to clue us in to a fuller view of life and meaning. Imagine a great romantic comedy reduced to bullet points:
Man, woman, no love
Man, woman, growing interest
Man, woman, unspoken love
Man, woman, crisis to growing love
Man, woman, overcome crisis
Man, woman, kissing and very happy

Not only would non one pay to rent that from Blockbuster, it wouldn

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