New Book on Islam and Christianity in the Middle East

Phillip Jenkins is an author who has written on the exploding Christianity of the non-Western world. Christianity is growing, not shrinking, outside of the West, even though it is shrinking drastically here in America.

He has now written a book on the history of Middle Eastern Christianity and its extermination over time by Muslims. I am including here an excerpt from Mark Noll’s review of Jenkins’ new book as it appears in Books and Culture, a publication of Christianity Today. I highly recommend Books and Culture as an easy way to keep up with some of the best information affecting religion and culture.

Say, does anybody want to volunteer to buy Jenkins’ book for me for Hanukkah? 🙂 So many books, so little money . . .

After three noteworthy books that shook up perceptions of the Christian present, Philip Jenkins is now proposing to shake up the Christian past. Where his much-noticed The Next Christendom (2002) and The New Faces of Christianity (2006) charted the recent emergence of Christian movements in the non-West and introduced their dynamic engagement with Scripture, God’s Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe’s Religious Crisis (2007) suggested that much conventional wisdom about religion in contemporary Europe needed serious re-thinking. Now in The Lost History of Christianity, Jenkins turns his attention to the experience of Christians in the greater Middle East

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