Yeshua: Self-Aware?

Recently I was surprised to find a statement by one of my favorite New Testament scholars that I disapproved of. I mean it’s not as if I think this guy is perfect. I know a few things I would love to see him change in his theology and biblical understanding. But I hadn’t realized in my prior reading of this scholar that he was a little weak on the idea of Yeshua’s self-awareness. That led me to a few musings (hmm, seems appropriate for this blog).

You will hear a lot in books, magazine articles, and TV documentaries that Yeshua did not claim to be Messiah or to be divine. After all, I guess it is hard for people to imagine a guy who walked around his whole life knowing he was Messiah and God in the flesh. Can you get your mind around the idea of Yeshua being aware of his divinity and still being a mentally-balanced, healthy person?

The topic has been all the more on my mind because of several conversations I am having with people considering Yeshua or considering abandoning Yeshua. I think it matters what we do with Yeshua.

But the ultimate reason for this message and for my meditation on Yeshua

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