Guest Post: Kosher Meals Denied to Messianic Prisoners

Jews in Prison Denied Kosher Meals

Following is a post from guest blogger, Jackie Walker. Visit her Web site at And watch for an upcoming post on her site from Rabbi Derek Leman.

Messianic Jews at the Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, Ohio, are being denied the kosher meals they

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Kosher Meals Denied to Messianic Prisoners

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  2. littledovedeb says:

    I believe the Messianic believers should be provided kosher meals as they requested. It is a matter of conscience of the inmates, not of the messianic rabbis who were contacted. Many non Jewish, and even non Messianic believers abstain from pork and shellfish – because our Creator said these things were not FOOD – whether Messianic Jewish or not.

    Just because the prison system wrongly considers them protestants doesn’t rationalize pushing a non-Jewish, non-scriptural diet on the inmates. Messianics practice their beliefs through a Jewish perspective and consider themselves grafted into Israel.

    It is abhorrent to be served something that one cannot eat as this causes waste of food, which would far outweigh any extra cost of just eliminating pork and shellfish off the Messianics Menu.

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