Scot McKnight's The Jesus Creed

I’m a fairly regular reader of Scot McKnight’s blog ( He is a professor in Religious Studies at North Park University (Chicago, Illinois). He is one of several Christian writers and theologians whose material I regularly find worth reading.

Although I’ve had it for a while, I only recently got started reading his 2004 book The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others by Paraclete Press. This is a book with a big upside and a small downside. Since there are few books with a big upside in the vast world of contemporary religious literature, I figure a book like Jesus Creed is a must-buy.

First, the upside. Jesus Creed is a part of two trends in contemporary Christianity that I find refreshingly positive, perhaps even a sign of a promising future. One of those trends is the way some contemporary leaders are defining Jesus-faith as living and active pursuit of the teachings of Jesus as opposed to the former dominance of mere attendance or doctrinal affiliation as markers of the genuine residence of Jesus in someone’s life. That is, for far too long modern American Christendom has emphasized the lowest common denominator as the identity marker of a Christian. Typical questions designed to ascertain the genuineness of one’s faith would be limited to such areas as,

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